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A Spotlight Webinar Series. Introducing RoomBox by Lindalë

Updated: May 27, 2023

Lindale GIF showing roombox

What is Roombox by Lindalë?

Introducing RoomBox by Lindalë. In this brand-new series, we want to cast a light on the wide variety of extensions in the SketchUp ecosystem that we use to create architectural visualizations at Archilime Visualisation and teach on our courses at the Archilime Academy, with Roombox by Lindalë our very first.

Having already provided us with invaluable tools, Skatter and Transmutr, Thomas Hauchecorne and Merwan Achibet from Lindalë are pioneers in the field of SketchUp extensions, and their latest creation is going to change the way that we populate our interiors forevermore.

RoomBox by Lindalë helps you instill life into your SketchUp models by making it quick & easy to create rooms to populate facades.

We sat down for an in-depth live demo from Thomas and Merwan on Thursday 1st December at 15:00 GMT.

So how does Roombox by Lindalë work?

Roombox sketchup plugin showing how to be used

Imagery courtesy of

On a basic level, a RoomBox within SketchUp consists of walls and ‘sprites’ in image form, positioned to fit inside your room.

The premise is simple. Select an interior from a library of presets, and click over the room that you want to populate.

Rooms can be customized to fit any space and ‘sprites’ give us the option to modify the contents of our RoomBox.

Sprites usually represent people, furniture, or light appliances which are pre-programmed to varying distances to give depth to the staging.

Why is this important?

render using V-Ray for Sketchup showing roombox

Imagery courtesy of

A common pain point for you, as architectural visualizers, is the need to populate your interior spaces. Generally, the quality of your CGI increases when you add more models to your interior spaces, but your SketchUp files become slow and unresponsive.

Roombox by Lindalë tackles this head-on by reducing the amount of geometry required to populate your interior spaces by using a series of lightweight images to fill those spaces instead.

As members of the Archilime Academy community know, we constantly stress the need for adopting an optimization approach within SketchUp. So much so, that we dedicate time to covering it in all of our courses, namely our Access into SketchUp and Access into V-Ray for SKP courses.

This intuitive tool keeps your files clean and your quality high, and we cannot recommend this highly enough.

Whatever your final output, there is a case to be made for RoomBox to improve the quality (and speed!) of your work, as it allows you to quickly and easily populate a building model with lightweight fake interiors.

Roombox GIF showing the library

RoomBox by Lindale offers plenty of options, with plans to grow it further!

It is safe to say that we are big fans of Lindalë’s work. Head over to to find out more.


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