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Interior living space looking out to the exterior dining area rendered in V-Ray for Sketchup


Gain access to the world of V-Ray with our comprehensive course. Master lighting, materials, and rendering techniques to create breathtaking visualisation.

Elevate your skills and unlock new possibilities in architectural rendering. Enroll in our 'Complete guide to V-Ray for Sketchup' program now and embark on your V-Ray journey today.


Welcome to our Complete Guide to V-Ray for SketchUp course, where you'll dive into the world of V-Ray through a series of comprehensive sections, through your own online portal to keep track of your progress. Here is the breakdown...

V-Ray UI: Discover the user-friendly interface of V-Ray, navigate its powerful tools, and understand the workflow for optimal efficiency.

Virtual Materials and Material Realism: Learn to create, source or edit realistic and visually stunning materials that bring your designs to life. Understand material properties, textures, and shaders to achieve lifelike results.

Light Sources and Lighting Hierarchy: Explore various light sources and understand their impact on your scenes. Become the master of balancing lighting using Archilime's award-winning method.

V-Ray Geometry: Discover the power of V-Ray geometry tools and workflows. Learn to optimise your scenes, create complex models, and achieve efficient rendering results.

Render Engines and Hardware: Gain insights into different render engines and their capabilities. Understand how to optimise your hardware settings to achieve faster and more efficient renders, regardless of the machine that you have.

V-Ray Camera: Unlock the full potential of the V-Ray camera. Learn about exposure, field of view, depth of field and other camera settings to capture your designs from the perfect perspective.

Final Output: Master the art of delivering high-quality final renders. Explore post-processing techniques, including image adjustments, colour grading, and composition refinements.


Benefit from ongoing support, self-paced access to recorded content, and the opportunity to engage with a vibrant community of fellow learners and professionals through your very own online portal.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of V-Ray for SketchUp?


Enroll now and embark on an immersive journey of learning, creativity, and mastery.

interior CGI of a living space made in V-Ray for Sketchup


Unlock your rendering potential with our self-paced V-Ray for SketchUp course. Step-by-step video-recorded guidance through each section ensures a comprehensive understanding. Create impressive visualisations at your own pace, delivering quality output for your clients. Enroll now and elevate your rendering skills!


Learn the art of creating realistic textures in our comprehensive course. Explore techniques such as displacement, bump mapping, specular highlights, glossiness, and more. Develop the skills to bring your designs to life with stunning and authentic material finishes. Enroll now to elevate your texturing abilities.


Master all types of lighting in V-Ray for professional scene setup. Learn the nuances of ambient, direct and global illumination techniques whilst understanding all the different lighting assets. Develop the skills to create visually compelling scenes with proper lighting that sets the perfect mood for any scene and style.


Experience the benefits of a self-paced, portal-run course. Learn at your own convenience, accessing comprehensive content through our user-friendly platform. Enjoy the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere, with recorded lessons and ongoing support. Take control of your learning journey and unlock your full potential today.



Embark on a self-paced journey through our 9-section, 45+ step course, unlocking the power of V-Ray at your own pace. Master rendering and visualisation like never before.

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Do you want to create stunning visualisations that showcase your designs and impress your clients? Do you want to master the powerful tools and workflows of V-Ray for SketchUp? Do you want to learn how to achieve realistic and lifelike results with ease?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Complete Guide to V-Ray course is for you. This is a comprehensive online course that covers everything you need to know to unlock the full potential of V-Ray.

In this course, you will:

  • Discover the key features of V-Ray that are essential for architects, landscape architects, interior designers, set designers, and more

  • Learn how to seamlessly integrate V-Ray with SketchUp and enhance your design workflow

  • Create photorealistic renders that showcase your designs in the most lifelike manner possible

  • Use V-Ray’s extensive library of materials and textures to achieve the perfect finishes and details

  • Master lighting techniques to create dynamic and immersive environments

  • Capture your designs from the perfect perspective with V-Ray’s advanced camera settings

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your visualisation skills and business to the next level. Enroll now and embark on an immersive journey of learning, creativity, and mastery.


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